Enjoy Success with rapid results using a unique blend of Hypnosis, NLP enhanced hypnotherapy techniques with Sue in Auckland at Hypnotherapy Plus.

Forty years of research has gone into the development of hypnosis based modalities such as NLP and Psych-K. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a method of inducing and making use of a mental state where the mind is intensely focused and receptive. Hypnotherapy combining Hypnosis NLP create powerful change.

Modern hypnotherapists utilise these up to date techniques to help eliminate and alleviate many symptoms that todays life style can produce. When in an hypnotic or intensely focused state verbal suggestions and imagery can have a greater impact on a persons physical and mental functioning, helping to change existing habits or patterns that are causing concern.

The only power at work during a hypnotherapy session is the power of the client to make use of this special natural mental state. While hypnotised the client is fully aware, relaxed and comfortable.