Client Referrals

Clients are referred to me by other health professionals, by their GP, psychiatrist or other counselor, natural therapist or via colleagues within the hypnotherapy industry, word of mouth, by satisfied clients or people who are connected to past clients or by finding my website, when researching on the internet or brochures in professional health rooms.

Clients have come from all walks of life with many have been through other programmes including the Phobic Trust and are on medication to help them to get through.

Over the past sixteen years I have helped many people who were suffering from anxiety based issues to get their life back on track, helping to remove life limiting issues such as agoraphobia, social phobias, and any other situations where you may experience panic attacks and/or general anxiety.

I have also seen many irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferers in my clinic, whether they have come specifically to reduce their IBS symptoms or whether initially for general anxiety, which has shown to link to their IBS symptoms.

Utilizing the many techniques to help people to come to terms with the life changes that are necessary with terminal illness and long term degenerative disease, helping patients take a pro-active role in reclaiming their life. Changing perceptions for the benefit of feeling the best they can in spite of their diagnosis. In many cases changing outlook does change life for the better, recognizing what can still be done, or what can now be done because of circumstances that they might not have realized before.

Trance-forming life issues such as Weight reduction and body dismorphia, smoking cessation and past trauma (including abusive events).