Consultations and Charges

For best results I recommend at least two (2) sessions. During the first session we look at what has been happening, for how long, and how it has been affecting you. We work together to make the changes that are needed to change the feeling, remove any unwanted residual feeling leaving you a clear future vision.During the second session we make any additional changes, add to the positive results from the previous session. If you feel you would benefit, we put together a CD to help you to practice all your new skills (techniques) at home.

The more you practice these tools the quicker and more effective they will become. Research shows that a practised routine becomes a habit within only 21 days. Clients generally comment on the speed with which they easily find themselves automatically reacting in the new way, without having to consciously thinking about it.

Session Length: 1 hour approximately
Charges: $130.00 per session

NB. Additional material is included in the session charge* (CD, booklet, assignment, etc)