Services - Pain Management & Hypnotherapy Hypnosis NLP

Using fast efficient hypnotherapy nlp hypnosis techniques we can help to change the intensity of localized physical pain. Pain is the bodys way of letting you know that something is not right but sometimes as we get older we hold tension in places that used to be flexible, for example shoulders, neck, joints etc, and so long as there is no other medical reason why a particular area should be painful we can reduce the sensation of pain to a more acceptable level on a day to day basis, which enables you to get more out of your day.

Degenerative Disease, Cancer & Hypnotherapy Hypnosis NLP

To be able focus on other aspects of life is an important step to regaining your life and stretching your horizons of self belief and increasing your ability to take back control of day to day routines as well as planning for future, whether that future is how you might have expected it to be or how you now wish it to be.

The use of simple practical techniques to help to initiate a more able pro-active outlook to begin to change the initial "shock"™ outlook with relaxation CDs as well as easy routines for everyday use. To help you to refocus on those things that you now can do and taking back control over those things that you thought were out of your control. Working with that amazing mind of yours to reconstruct and/or reduce those aspects that you feel you need to work on, using creative visualisation and sensory changes in how you feel to live the best life that you can.