Services - General Anxiety Disorders (GAD) and Hypnotherapy

Whether you are suffering from mild anxiety or severe anxiety, hypnosis and hypnotherapy combined with NLP can effectively produce positive results quickly. Working with modern hypnotherapy and NLP based techniques focusing on how anxiety feels for you, what reactions your anxiety causes for you and within yourself, we can then quite quickly and effectively change these feelings to more positive preferred responses to bring relief. There are many techniques to help to reduce or remove anxiety in everyday life. Using self hypnosis can change how you feel within yourself and subsequently how you deal with your everyday life experiences efficiently and effectively.

Panic Attacks & Hypnotherapy

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques can effectively reduce panic attacks and in most cases dissolve the emotion that causes panic and panic attack symptoms. Within two to three weeks of using hypnosis and self hypnosis panic attacks are resolved to being a distant memory enabling you to get on with your life in a much more relaxed and confident manner. Practicing these NLP and hypnosis techniques effectively means no longer having panic attacks which flows on to mean that any phobia or phobias attached to the emotion generated by the past panic attack will also have subsided.

Phobias & Hypnotherapy

Phobias are generated by extreme reactions to certain situations such as fear or phobia of spiders (arachnophobia), fear or phobia of flying, fear or phobia of open spaces (agoraphobia), fear or phobia of small spaces (claustrophobia), fear of heights and social phobias to name a few of the more common phobias.

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy and NLP techniques these phobias can be a thing of the past relatively quickly and seemingly effortlessly. So that in any future situations you are sure of your control to be calm, confident and sure of yourself in a relaxed practical way.