Stop Smoking Now!

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy combined with modern NLP techniques can help you to successfully stop smoking without all the angst that you may have anticipated. Hypnotherapy can help you to remember what it is like to be a natural non smoker. It can once again help you to recreate what it is once more like to have that extra energy, or to be able to really taste your food and become once again a healthy smoke free you just like you used to be again now.

The benefits you can now have to replace that old habit are:

  • A positive you that never again has to go outside to satisfy that smoking habit.
  • A confident you who every day begins to enjoy all that life brings with it as a smoke free person, no longer encumbered by a thing of the past.
  • A relaxed you that can go on holiday and enjoy being away from it all, enjoying all that your holiday offers without having to succumb to that old smoking habit that is no longer as acceptable as it used to be, to you as well as to others.
  • A more energetic you who has more energy now that you no longer are giving up at least 20% of your average oxygen intake to smoke inhalation with the ability to recognize how much better and easier it is not just to breathe but almost to feel that extra life boosting air filling your system.
  • A healthier you that can be assured that for every day that you stop smoking and become smoke free your body is beginning to readjust itself to this new state of health. As your lungs begin to clear and your mind begins to focus on new more important issues of your day.

Everyone is different and we all have our own reasons why we originally started smoking, with hypnotherapy and hypnosis based NLP techniques we can review why we started the smoking habit and who we were at that time, then recognize who we are today and ask “do i need the smoking habit today?”. We also can remove the pattern or program of that old habit and replace it with something we do need (or want) today.

Becoming smoke free relatively easily and quickly is within everyone's reach if you so desire. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis based techniques can't make you stop but it can certainly help you through the process without all the unnecessary withdrawal and craving symptoms, putting you back in control of your life and your habits.

For successful stop smoking I generally ask that I see client's for at least two (2) sessions one week apart and sometimes a third session two to three weeks later. i provide a booklet with more techniques and suggestions plus at least one CD for your use at home to back up the work we do in the sessions.

A majority of clients stop smoking after the first session and approx 20% of clients reduce considerably and go on to smoking cessation within the next week or so.