Weight Reduction and Hypnotherapy - NLP  the no more diets way!

Get Back in the Driver's Seat With the Power of Self-Hypnosis!

By combining the powerful modern therapies of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP we can very quickly pin point how you came to be at the weight you are today. We all have the resources within us to change the way things are. That its fun and exciting to feel new energised feelings and to begin to succeed almost immediately, stepping onto your new pathway not just boldly but lightly!

Find the Cause of Weight Gain, Loss, Body Dismorphia by utilising modern NLP and hypnosis techniques we can find the cause and change the triggers. Changing the signals from within your neurology so that the brain receives sublty different messages. This has an impact on your chemical response, which is responsible for how you feel and act.

Rediscover your real self, prior to past events that may have contributed to how you are and how you feel and see yourself today using Time Line therapy techniques.

Finding out why you do the things you do, eating for comfort, to hide or for other anxiety reasons. Learning techniques to change how past events effect your life today. Maybe even just because that's the way you have always done things, following in the footsteps of your family routines, etc, or maybe to feed depression and many other reasons why we do the things we have always done, or got into the routine of doing. Changing how you look at past events and your patterns today will automatically change.

The WHY (Weight Hypnotherapy and YOU) 5 session weight management programme

*Adapted specifically to cater for New Zealand tastes and lifestyle!

Brief overview;

Session 1:

  1. Identifying underlying reasons/experiences - why you treat your diet the way you do.
  2. Create specific outcomes where are you going and how to get there.

Session 2: Self hypnosis & appetite vs weight CD

Session 3: Inner conflict resolution pointing every part of you towards success.

Session 4: Motivation to Exercise including motivation CD

Session 5: Keeping you comfortably on track

These sessions are all at your own pace, in your own time, adapted and varied to suit you as the unique individual that you are enabling you to steadily power forward and more easily reduce and attain the body size and shape that is just right for you!